Respite Care

Caring for a loved one can be an incredibly taxing experience. It requires time, resources, and dedication. Not to mention the emotional toll it takes on any individual. Support in these situations is critical. Not just to ensure that the individual being cared for receives optimal care but to make sure the supporting family members have time to take care of themselves. That’s where respite care comes in.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is short-term care meant to alleviate the demands on non-paid caregivers such as family and friends. While loved ones take great pride and joy in providing care and support for their loved one the sustained demands can take their toll. Respite care provides a professional support structure to alleviate the demands on the family and provides the client’s loved ones the chance for down time or the necessary time to attend to their profession and personal lives. Respite care can be provided for just a few hours a day to a number of weeks as needed.

What Types of Respite Care are There?

Companion Care Services – The desire for companionship is a basic human need. Companion care services provide a friendly face to engage in conversation or participate in supervised activities. The benefits are myriad for the clients as they provide an enjoyable, relaxing experience for the client and an opportune time for the caregivers to get away without having to worry about their loved ones suffering from low morale.

Personal Care Services – The basic care necessities include the need for bathing, dressing, toileting, and exercising. These activities can be otherwise taxing on family and friends over extended periods of time, and personal care solves that issue. By having a professional home health aide administer personal care the client’s family and friends can rest assured knowing that their loved one is having their needs met.

Hospice Care Services – Hospice care is never easy on anyone. The physical demands of the care coupled with the emotional demands can make the stresses taken on by friends and family overwhelming. End-of-life care is a delegate balance for both the client’s loved ones and the home health aides. Respite care in this sense seeks to provide not just alleviation for the tasks required to care for the client but time for the client’s loved ones to take care of themselves.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Services – Alzheimer’s care and dementia care have unique emotional demands placed upon the friends and family of the client. Respite care provides a professional home health aide that can tend to the many necessities required by such a situation leaving the client’s loved ones to recharge emotionally.

Respite Care is a Helping Hand

When faced with difficult circumstances all we can do is the best we can. Respite care merely offers help and assistance when the friends and family of the client require or desire it to make every unique situation sustainable from both a physical and emotional perspective. Not to mention the demand on one’s time in addition to the everyday demands we all have to work with. The needs of a loved one can be pretty dynamic and can range anywhere from merely needing someone to talk with to more basic everyday needs.

Caring at Home seeks to provide the most professional Hospice services in our industry. We are recipients of The Joint Commission Accreditation which ensures that the recipient has met rigorous standards in regard to organization, knowledge, and professionalism. Our dedication to our clients reflects this in everything we do and our commitment to our clients by providing to their needs in the most dignified manner possible ensures we make the very best out any difficult situation.