Hospice Care at Home

There’s a certain dignity that comes from being able to say goodbye to your loved ones from the comfort of one’s own home. There’s the ability to say goodbye at your own pace without fear of being rushed. The warm surroundings that one calls a home. The helpful aid that tends to the details so that the client and their family can focus on what really matters, each other. Caring at Home aims to provide that dignity in as a distinguished manner as possible.

There is no shame in growing old. It happens to us all. Our circumstances may vary, but we all share a commonality in that when it’s time to depart we should do so surrounded by those who love us in the very best of physical comfort possible, in the best of spirits possible, as peaceful as possible. In that, hospice care is more than just an aid attending a client. Hospice care is an art form in knowing when, why, and what a client needs. It’s providing comfort and a soft voice amidst those delicate moments the client wants to talk and working in the background when the client’s family is present and is, of course, the focus.

When is it Time for Hospice Care?

First and foremost, hospice care is about quality of life. Under no circumstances is this golden rule of hospice care superseded. That said, often hospice care is seen by doctors, the patient, or family members as giving up. This, however, isn’t true. When a path to recovery can found seeking it has no bearing on the quality of life hospice care aims to bring. In that hospice care is about compassionate care and caring for the client. In that, there is no greater result of caretaker’s see than that of the patient recovering.

That being said, hospice care is generally sought out when curative treatment is no longer showing supportive results, and life expectancy is six months or less as the ailments run their course. It’s these ailments that are treated as the client is attended to and cared for. During this time pain is managed as best as can be provided and the simple creature comforts of life are attended to where and when appropriate.

What About the Client’s Family?

Hospice care is as much about the client’s family as the client. Often the caretaker provides comfort for both and does their best to provide timely reports on progress and current conditions. Often, it’s the responsibility of the hospice care worker to help schedule visitations so as to provide care at appropriate times. Whether for the sake of the client or family members the entire goal is to present the client in as dignified manner as possible to the moments shared between family as memorable and warm as possible.

In addition to hospice care is often home care. Home care takes care of not just the client but the client’s home. Providing a clean, uplifting environment for the client to enjoy and managing their day to day needs. Surrounding them with their most cherished memories and providing adequate accommodations for visitors where appropriate. Often the quality of life offered is a great deal about the client acting as the host and providing for their family as they normally would. When all is said and done what greater dignity is there than providing for those we love amidst gentle conversation? Perhaps doubly so when those conversations are of such significance that they should be given every opportunity to be shared unhindered in an environment made as ideal as possible by an experienced hospice caretaker.