Joint Commission Accreditation

Caring at Home, as a company, has always been a work in progress. Constantly trying to improve ourselves and to provide better, more compassionate service. We’re tirelessly striving to serve each and every one of our clients better. To better serve their needs and provide a level of care and comfort unparalleled in our industry. Or in any other industry for that matter.

We are incredibly proud to announce that on June 21st, 2017 Caring at Home received the much coveted, nationally recognized, and extremely difficult to achieve The Joint Commission Accreditation in the field of Home Care which includes accreditation for home health, hospice, and personal care.

Accreditation for Home Health

The lofty standards that comprise the Accreditation for Home Health are developed and vetted by home health industry experts. The standards are what make such remarkable benefits possible such as:

  • Reducing the need for visits to the ER
  • Reducing the need for readmissions
  • A more comprehensive approach to client symptom management

Our meeting of the standards set forth with the accreditation program states that we have been assessed under our typical business conditions and have shown ourselves to be performant, well organized, and responsible.

Accreditation for Hospice

Accreditation for Hospice can only be achieved by passing a rigorous screening process that focuses on the organization’s operating procedures and adherence to best practices. Such benefits include:

  • Benefits to interdisciplinary care management
  • Substantial benefits to client safety
  • Helping to secure safer care transitions
  • Ensuring strict organization standards regarding operation consistency

The accreditation places specific emphasis on standards regarding infection control, delivering coordinated interdisciplinary care, and communications.

Accreditation for Personal Care and Support

As a company that specializes in home care services, we take great pride in receiving an accreditation for Personal Care and Support. It’s an acknowledgment of continuing growth as a company and our increasingly vigorous standards for both ourselves and our clients. The accreditation standards adhere to an industry-vetted framework that focuses on the consistency of communication, safety, personal care services. The helps to achieve:

  • Increasing the viability of reliable service overall
  • A proactive approach to minimizing risks to clients
  • A greater focus on proven client care methodologies

At the heart of this accreditation is a quality assurance regarding our staff’s competence, our ability to assess a client, emergency management, and measures in place for infection control.

The Path Moving Forward

Never content to rest on our Laurels our company’s future rests on the ever-present need to improve and innovate not just efficiencies regarding our operations but the comfort and care of our clients. We consistently seek to work with our clients is if they were our own family members in need of the greatest care. Our elder care, dementia care, and Alzheimer care programs are regularly updated and refined to provide the best experience for both the client and their family. Our respite care program is dedicated to supporting the family itself.

Our in-home care services are predicated on our commitment to provide only the best experiences for our clients. Attention to details, attentive to needs, and patience are the hallmarks we foster and exult within personal care staff. In providing a companion for our clients, we hope to provide not just a service but a friend they can trust and rely on.

We’re a company dedicated to companion care. Providing in-home professional care services that focus on the wellbeing of the client and the family in almost every capacity including emotional, mental, and physical care. We’re the support that arrives when the family needs just a bit of help.